What your aims / values are

If you’re here then you’re probably curious and energised to solve the complex problems facing your organisation. That’s a great place to start as we are motivated to support curious and innovative business leaders to solve these challenges through a differentiated and proven approach to data analytics.

You recognise the importance of diversity of thought and approach. You might be tired and frustrated with the same conventional approach to consulting which is confusing, unfulfilling and leaves you without the answers you need.

You want to work in an honest and principled way with a transparent commercial model and genuine partnership. If you’re looking to reject the tired convention and turn your big problems into big ideas and opportunities, we at AxiaOrigin are ready to be your trusted advisors.

What services you need

If you are looking to unlock the value of your organisation’s internal data, then you will love our Dark Data service. We structure and analyse the latent data that your organisation holds and unleash value that you may never have known you could access. We can test your hypotheses, answer the questions you’ve always had and find insights to help you realise commercial value, or meet other strategic aims. Whether you’re looking for revenue up, cost out, operational efficiency, service improvements, regulatory compliance or something else entirely, the key to answering your most pressing needs can often be found in the data you just have lying around.

And if you want to look at data outside your organisation, then our team has pioneered industry leading approaches to social media analytics and open source data. We start by understanding your particular needs and your aims as a business leader, and then access and understand the data from the relevant platform to answer your most important questions.

Business value is increasingly being driven by innovation, not by efficiency and cost-cutting. Our scientifically robust Open Innovation methodology also allows you to de-risk and reduce the cost of innovation, and find better solutions for your most complex and difficult problems – we’ve brought the future of innovation to today.

All this is underlined by our promise that we will do whatever we can to help you realise the changes you want to make. We are so committed to actually realising impact, that we offer results-contingent fees – pay us once you see the real value of our work. Refreshing, right?

How you like to work

You recognise that there’s always a big picture and that your organisational challenges fit into something much wider, but you might want some support in understanding how to bring that big picture view back into your organisation. Perhaps you’re looking for evidence that challenges your assumptions.

You’re probably looking for innovative approaches to answering your tough questions. You know that evidence-based decisions are key, and realise that accessing and analysing the huge amounts of data and information that’s now available can be overwhelming.

Or maybe you’re still working out what your challenge is and you’d like some support to get there.

You’re still reading so you probably value enjoying the experience as well as solving the tricky questions. If you’re impatient for outputs and want to work with pace alongside people who really hear you and want to share your challenges, then you’re in the right place.