AxiaOrigin story

We are AxiaOrigin – an organisation devoted to helping business leaders and organisations achieve their strategic goals.

Rejecting the conventional consultancy norms, we go about things a little differently and we have a really big ambition – to help create a more prosperous and resilient world.

We are passionate about delivering real, lasting change for like-minded clients and prioritise positive social impact over personal gain and profit.

Our core service is Dark Data – an inspirational consulting service to discover and act on critical insights hidden in masses of unused internal operational data.

Our core product is the ‘ECG’ – our open source analytics tool – a pioneering digital product to release the phenomenal value of locked in open source and social media data.

In addition to those core skills, we operate in a values-driven environment, with each other and with our clients.  We strongly believe that creating the right conditions is critical to enabling personal and organisational development.  We offer a wholly different consulting experience based on our values of transparency, authenticity and generosity.

We know our service offering works – our team has come together from both the consulting world and from industry. Working on a project together in 2017 was so joyous and momentous that it was a collective career highlight, and so we created AxiaOrigin together (both clients and consultants) so that we could offer the same experience to organisations around the world.

Our team


Niki is convinced that by connecting the right people and thinking at a systems-level, anything is possible. She has spent her career trying to do just that. Over her 20 years working in the water sector she has delivered operational and strategic change, often through enabling others to perform at their best. A passionate environmentalist at heart (we’ve got Blue Peter to thank for that!), Niki spends her time thinking about how we can apply circular economy thinking to improve global resilience. She also likes a good chat.


Shai has been preparing for AxiaOrigin since the Tuesday after the August Bank Holiday Monday in 2003. As a junior doctor via patient safety failures, Shai started to realise the implications of failing to use available data to make critical decisions. Shai has been focused on this ever since, learning from two start-ups and two consulting firms with a quango between, how to help leaders make the most of their dark data.


Pamela is an authentic, passionate leader who supports individuals to be their vulnerable best. She creates the conditions for individuals, teams and organisations to excel and achieve their strategic goals. Pamela has a wealth of experience having spent 10 years in various Board level General Management roles in the Water Industry, underpinned by a 20 year HR career.


Marios is passionate about enabling positive social change through the use of data and analytics. He enjoys working alongside people to break down complex strategic problems, developing insights to make them simpler to understand. Marios has worked across a variety of sectors, notably Healthcare and Children’s services, in his past consultancy experience.


Hayder loves all things strategic, and is at heart a problem-solver. He believes that data-driven strategy is one of the main ways in which we can solve some of the world’s most complex problems. He has tested out these approaches across experiences in financial services, political research and intelligence, management consulting and his own startup venture. He now wants to unleash everything he has learned to make the world a better place through AxiaOrigin.


Tim thrives in using his curiosity, technical ability and strategic mind to help organisations make better decisions. He strongly believes that true collaboration and Open Innovation is the way organisations can solve the biggest problems. He has previously worked in Formula 1, Energy & Utilities, Transport and Finance.


Interested in being part of this team? This could be your profile right here! Send an email to to learn more about career opportunities with us.

Our employee value proposition is a true reflection of the pride we place in our diverse team and our values. It reflects the importance that we place on autonomy, respect for one another and respect for our needs and wellbeing outside of work. We offer:

  • Salaries which are transparent across the team, with no bonus payments and a range of benefits applied to everyone, equally.
  • Unique working arrangements for every team member which enable life balance.
  • A personal development plan so that each member of our team can reach their goals and aspirations.

Previous experience

Our team has a proven track record of developing differentiated and industry-recognised approaches to analytics and open data. Across decades of expertise and experience, we have collaborated with large public and private-sector clients across a number of industries, which include:

  • Energy and Utilities
  • Healthcare
  • Defence and Security
  • Local Government
  • Transport
  • Financial Services
  • Life Sciences
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