Not your conventional
management consultancy.

We are AxiaOrigin.


We are completely devoted to helping businesses orient towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and therefore build a more resilient and prosperous world for all.


Rejecting conventional consultancy norms, we go about things a little differently offering an experience based on our values of transparency, authenticity and generosity.


We shine a light on Dark Data, unlocking value from the masses of unused data within your organisation. We help leaders tell compelling data stories to deliver lasting change.

We unlock your Dark Data.

Our Dark Data service is all about answering the really specific questions you’ve always wanted to answer to make better decisions. We use the abundantly available data that you have access to, including data from Open Source means.

Collaborative problem solving.

We believe true, open collaboration is the key to solving the world’s biggest problems. Open Innovation is the future of collaborative working – harnessing the power of the crowd for problem solving at low cost. We help business understand how to harness this incredible resource to achieve sustained innovation.