The World Needs a New Type of Leadership.

When business leaders face their most complex challenges and need the very best, they come to us. Our team is made up of experienced consultants, and industry professionals who have purchased consulting – we were collectively tired and frustrated with a lot of traditional consulting practices, and so together we created AxiaOrigin.


Success for us is that you actually solve your problem – not just that we give you a theoretical solution. This means we help you solve your challenges – without creating a dependency on us. It means we ensure that all our communication is based on openness and transparency, like we are one team. Success for us is success for you.


We believe in a new type of values-driven consulting. We combine decades of cross industry experience as well as leading edge technical and scientific capabilities in analytics and strategy. We do things most of our clients don’t even think of trying, in order to solve some of their wildest challenges. (We also solve non-wild challenges).


It won’t feel like ordinary consulting; the experience of working with us has been described as ‘intoxicating’ and ‘magical’. We don’t care about just creating clever-looking outputs (although our outputs are very clever) – but we’ll provide the coaching, support and advice for you and your team throughout our journey together.

Solve your most challenging strategic problems.

We help our clients make sense of their strategic challenges with practical and sustainable answers, whatever the topic or sector.

Convert your obscure, hidden data into meaningful insights.

Sometimes you have masses of data, questions you need to answer, value you’re convinced is hidden somewhere within…. and you don’t know where to start. We can help you piece it all together.

Work with us to develop a trusted evidence base.

We use advanced analytics on readily available data sources to produce insights that are actionable and scientifically robust.

Understand your employees’ values and improve your company culture.

Where the data doesn’t exist, we can help create it – be it understanding and improving your company’s culture, or using global communities to help drive your company’s innovation activities.