90% of recorded data
isn't utilised.
We're with the 90%.

We unlock your Dark Data.

All businesses have data sources they’ve barely used. This is what we refer to as Dark Data, and we unlock its value in pleasantly surprising ways. We focus on the leadership experience and the management interventions – not just the clever maths and stats.

Our analytics assignments are much quicker, more practical and deliver fabulously interesting stories.

We use multiple data types.

Your data.

We work with data that you have always collected but have never made the most of and re-use it to create business value to help you make better strategic decisions.

Open data.

There is a vast amount of Open Data that is massively under-utilised as governments and organisations increasingly move towards transparency. We help you make the most of this resource, bringing the outside in.

Social media data.

We see social media as just another data type and have developed market-differentiated techniques to drive real business value from social media data beyond marketing.

What you get is.

Board-ready data stories

We are exceptional storytellers. Our crafted data stories give you the means to bring the whole company along on the journey and understand the impact of the evidence-based insights.

Myth-busting insights

We look to answer the questions, hunches and gut-feels that you have always wanted to answer. We use Dark Data to give you the confidence that every decision is helping achieve your goals.

Evidence-based recommendations

We use analytics and decision science methods to help your organisation go forward. We work with the systems and technology that you already use – so you will always feel in sync with us.

Not your typical consultancy.

Your success is our only metric.

All this is underlined by our promise that we will do whatever we can to help you realise the changes you want to make. We are so committed to actually realising impact, that we offer results-contingent fees – pay us once you see the real value of our work. Refreshing, right?

Collaborative problem solving.

We believe in the future of collaborative working to drive business value through Open Innovation – harnessing the power of the crowd for problem solving at low cost. Our scientifically robust methodology allows you to de-risk and reduce the cost of innovation, and find better solutions for your most complex and difficult problems.