Who we are.
A team of leaders.


Pamela is an authentic, passionate leader who supports individuals to be their vulnerable best. She creates the conditions for individuals, teams and organisations to excel and achieve their strategic goals. Pamela has a wealth of experience having spent 10 years in various Board level General Management roles in the Water Industry, underpinned by a 20 year HR career.


Managing Director
Shai has been preparing for AxiaOrigin since the Tuesday after the August Bank Holiday Monday in 2003. As a junior doctor via patient safety failures, Shai realised the implications of failing to use available data to make critical decisions. Shai has been focused on this ever since, learning from two start-ups, two consulting firms and one quango how to help leaders make the most of their dark data.


Hayder loves all things strategic. A problem-solver at heart, he believes data-driven strategy is the way to solve the world’s most complex problems. He has refined this approach across financial services, political research & intelligence, management consulting, digital publishing and marketing. He wants to unleash everything he’s learned to make the world a better place through AxiaOrigin.


Marios is passionate about enabling positive social change through the use of data and analytics. He enjoys working alongside people to break down complex strategic problems, developing insights to make them simpler to understand. Marios has worked across a variety of sectors, notably Healthcare and Children’s services, in his past consultancy experience.


Co-Founder & Director
Niki is convinced that by connecting the right people and thinking at a systems-level, anything is possible. With a background in the water sector she has delivered operational and strategic change. A passionate environmentalist, she spends her time thinking about how we can apply circular economy thinking to improve global resilience.


Tim thrives in using his curiosity, technical ability and strategic mind to help organisations make better decisions. He strongly believes that true collaboration and Open Innovation is the way organisations can solve the biggest problems. He has previously worked in Formula 1, Energy & Utilities, Transport and Finance.