Ever worked with a new organisation on something business critical and created magic? We did!

2nd September 2019

This is part of a series of thought pieces to celebrate the launch of AxiaOrigin – a values driven consultancy dedicated to creating a more prosperous and resilient world through the differentiated use of data and analytics.

We are launching AxiaOrigin today.

We would like to share some of the details of our origin so you know where we are coming from and what we stand for.

In 2017/18, most of our co-founders were brought together via the best project any of us had ever experienced. Our CEO, Pam – who was the senior client at the time – called it professional magic.

We worked together brilliantly and purposefully. Every day we were:

  • Operating without hierarchy
  • Giving each other detailed structured feedback
  • Proactively developing the balance between team structure and freedom
  • Making it fun to work in a serious situation
  • Building trust and support

We didn’t really spend much time thinking about why things were working so well, until we had to.

That was the moment the outcomes of the initial work really hit home, and the cultural differences between – let’s say – a more conventional approach to consulting and the work we were experiencing, were obvious and in our face.

This was an instant realisation for me and Pam and a few others and there was an instant alignment of values. It was a lightning strike moment.

This unlocked a period of collaboration that inspired us every day to deliver exceptional quality outputs and build and grow values-driven leaders.

We realised the ‘professional magic’ as it were, was the result of the committed, consistent and vulnerable use of our shared values.

In the period since, the quality and meaning of our work when it starts from a values origin is so stunningly different, we believe it’s worth fighting for.

So, we’ve started a business called AxiaOrigin. We care about people – so we’ve designed the business around values.

We also care about the planet – so we have designed AxiaOrigin to be in service to the UN SDGs.

We care about people and the planet and we believe there is a leadership generation ready to unleash their values for professional excellence and global sustainability.

We’re going to do everything we can to make it as straightforward as possible to achieve this.

This is what we stand for:

  • We are committed to building a more resilient and prosperous world.
  • We envision a future in which global and local societal imbalances are addressed through values-driven professional service delivery.
  • We combine our differentiated approaches to analytics, strategic thinking and creating the necessary conditions to promote evidence-based, scientifically-sound and sustainable decision making.
  • We are a team dedicated to achieving this every day.

Does this work for you?


Shaibal Roy | Co-founder