I call it my Full Pam!

September 2nd 2019

This is part of a series of thought pieces to celebrate the launch of AxiaOrigin – a values driven consultancy dedicated to creating a more prosperous and resilient world through the differentiated use of data and analytics.


Is your environment one that builds and nurtures you and the teams around you?  Are the best things about you recognised and encouraged? Do you feel supported to be your true and authentic self? If you answered no to any of these questions, then I think you will enjoy reading this article. Don’t think, don’t analyse, just read and be curious about where it takes you.

When we came together to create AxiaOrigin we realised we were naturally pushing against the expected business norms. It came naturally to us because we’ve experienced the highs and lows and everything in between of business life whether that’s through corporate business, consultancy or freelancing. In fact, the reason we started the business is because most of us were brought together in 2017 through our respective organisations and we created a working environment like I’ve never experienced before.

So, of course, one of the things we’re most proud of as co-founders is the environment we have created and the manner in which we employ people including ourselves. I’d like to share with you the details about our working environment and our employee value proposition. I feel equally proud about not only the outputs of the incredible work we will do with our clients but also the way in which we do business. It all matters.

Let’s start with the basics – a unique reward package 

I should tell you first that I have 10 years experience at Board level in various general management roles underpinned by a 20 year HR career. I’ve worked with and developed many reward strategies, introduced employee benefits and negotiated countless pay deals. The reward package at AxiaOrigin is like no other I have seen.

We have only three elements of our reward package that are personalised and therefore different for each team member.

  1. A good salary – we pay a good salary that reflects the responsibilities and skills of the job. All salaries are transparent across the team. There is no bonus payment or additional remuneration of any kind other than a small range of valued benefits that are provided to everyone equally – pension scheme, medical insurance, holidays, maternity leave and paternity leave. These reward elements have no hierarchy in their application – everyone benefits.
  2. Working arrangements that create life balance – everyone, without exception, has an agreed way of working in place. We all have busy interesting lives and at AxiaOrigin we value life being in balance. Whether you care for your elderly relatives, you enjoy the gym in the morning or you want flexible hours to work around a young family, we respect your whole life needs and develop a plan to suit. More importantly though, the strength of our relationships means we’re always aware and can support your needs.
  3. A personal development plan that works for you – to work at AxiaOrigin means you’re interested in creating a more prosperous and resilient world. You’re also interested in your own personal development. We help each of our team members reach their goals whether that means developing new skills in AxiaOrigin, or getting ready for a move outside the company. We value learning, transparency and trust.

It’s our values that make the difference 

We take diversity seriously. It’s not just words, it’s who we are and the key reason behind our name. Axia means ‘values’ in the Greek language. True diversity means going beyond gender and ethnicity to such an extent that we value difference in all its forms. Visible and invisible, labelled and discreet. I love working in a team of people with varied skills, different strengths, a mix of backgrounds and with really interesting and inspiring stories. I’ve learnt that it’s the stories that matter, not the labels. Get to know people – your team, your colleagues, your clients, your manager, your neighbour, and go beyond their job title and their physical appearance. It’s amazing what happens when you get to know people and connect on a deeper, human level.

We talk about and celebrate our differences as a team which was most impressively brought to life when we created our String Wall (which is the subject of my next article).

What brings us together to create such a trusting, authentic and open environment is our values. We’re connected by our innate desire to do good. To create and run a successful business that delivers positive benefits in our communities and ultimately making a positive contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

How we go about that is critical too. We have created a way of working that will enable us both individually and collectively to be amazing.

Our values include:- 

  • Freedom and autonomy to do the right thing without question
  • Constant structured feedback to accelerate personal development
  • Heavy emphasis on having a life beyond work
  • Proactive rejection of orthodox hierarchy
  • Space and opportunity to read, think and innovate
  • Total commitment to transparency in every aspect of the business
  • To be stretched and challenged to deliver world class outputs

Be the full you in everything you do

I have some questions for you now…

Have you ever seen someone with a totally different persona at work compared to home?  

I’d wonder what their true authentic self is. It’s interesting that I believe some sectors and organisations have intentionally driven this difference in behaviour.

Have you ever been given feedback at work that tries to change who you really are?  

That doesn’t feel like the best supportive environment. I got my first Executive Director position once I had a boss who nurtured who I really was.

Do you know what it feels like to be ‘truly in the moment’ – you’re so at ease with life and the people around you that you’re totally focused on that moment only, no personal thinking is flying through your mind? 

When I feel like that I feel free, engaged, in the zone, trusting in myself, and occasionally vulnerable. Vulnerable because I give my full self in all its glory. No filters, no rehearsal, just me. And in my experience these are the most impactful, rewarding and notable moments of my career. I’m giving my all, I’m not holding back, I’m full of confidence and not afraid to fail. Just ambitious to give and learn, at my vulnerable best. I call it my Full Pam. 

My gift to you today – think about who you are at your vulnerable best!  

Is your environment one that builds and nurtures you and the teams around you?

Are the best things about you recognised and encouraged?

Do you feel supported to be your true and authentic self?

Only then, are you able to deliver your best. 

Finally, the most remarkable thing is … it feels easier too. It’s effortless to be your full wonderful self. Just allow it to happen. 


Pamela Doherty | Co-founder and CEO