Values driven recruitment…with Karolina

26th March 2021

“The application didn’t require to submit a CV, which was super interesting…but the interview was the most difficult I’ve done my life!”

Listen to our newest team member, Karolina, talk about her personal life and her journey joining AxiaOrigin. We cover everything from her newfound passion for strategy to her love of doughnuts and…that one time she walked into a lamppost.

AxiaOrigin: Could you please introduce yourself to us?
Karolina: Yes – my name is Karolina. I am a new employee of AxiaOrigin. I am the first non-founder to join the team. I’ve come from a company secretarial background. I am a great dog lover and also a “mum” to a very cute Yorkshire terrier puppy called Elvis. And I also love food very, very much so. Especially anything sweet – cheesecake, ice cream, any cake.

A: Great to meet you, Karolina! Let’s start with some easy questions… So you like sweet things? Where would you go for doughnuts in Leeds?
K: Oh, I would go to my best friend’s doughnut café – it’s called “Doh’hut” and he makes the best gourmet doughnuts I have ever tried in my life. He makes a Milkybar custard special doughnut which is just out of this world.

A: OK! Let’s get stuck into it… If you could work at any company, which would you choose?
K: AxiaOrigin!

A: That was a trick question – but great answer! So what attracted you to AxiaOrigin in the first place?
K: I’d say I always had a bit of a keen interest in consulting, but I never thought that would be something that I could do. So, I was very pleased to learn that I could work for a consulting company. Before I started my job with Axia, I actually researched management consultancies in quite a detail. And I watched a lot of YouTube videos, actually, and YouTube reviews from major consulting companies.

I was a little taken aback by some of the opinions on there, especially that quite a few of them mentioned that employees are not being treated with a lot of attention. So, when I joined AxiaOrigin and I learned about the projects that AxiaOrigin is working on, it just felt like a dream come true to me.

A: Whose idea was it to change jobs during a global pandemic?
K: It was actually, I would say, a perfect coincidence. I went on the job website just to have an innocent scroll, I would say, and just see what the job market was like and what jobs were out there. And I came by a job advertisement for AxiaOrigin.

What’s really drawn me to the advertisement and to the job was that the wording of the advertisement was very open, it was very inviting. The job itself – it wasn’t limited. So I thought, this sounds great, it sounds like a place where I could possibly grow and learn more. And the application process for the job was also very interesting. So I thought – well, why not apply and see what happens?

A: So what surprised you most about the application process?
K: It was the requirement to initially submit a letter to the company explaining what my values were. The application, actually, also didn’t require me to submit a CV, which I thought was super interesting. I was actually very happy to know that my abilities wouldn’t be assessed based on CV alone, especially at the initial stage.

A: Did you learn anything about yourself through the interview process?
K: Yes, most definitely, especially form the letter about my values because it was quite challenging to look at myself objectively, and look at my values objectively. It did take me quite a bit of time to really streamline what my values were and get to the bottom of that.

The interview process itself, outside of the values assessment, was quite difficult. I would say it was the most difficult interview I’ve ever done in my life. I think it was very well constructed, but it did really assess my skills from every angle.

A: How did you go about articulating your values objectively?
K: When I first started structuring my answer, I initially did some research on values. I actually went to the AxiaOrigin website and had a look at the podcasts on the website. And one of the podcasts was about values. So I found that very helpful, in trying to understand mine.

I mostly thought about my previous actions, and what was the most important key outcome from those actions, and key take that I had from those actions, to then assess what my values were. And it just so happens that my values happen to align with AxiaOrigin’s.

A: Why was it important for you not to be judged by your CV?
K: Personally, I don’t think that CVs are the best reflection of our abilities. I think they are great to get a very broad understanding of what an individual can do. But, as people, there is so much more to each person than a CV alone, and that’s how I’ve always felt about myself. And I was very glad to know that I came across a company that’s given me the opportunity to show myself off from a completely different angle than just my CV.

A: What has your first month at AxiaOrigin been like?
K: It’s been amazing. I’ve really enjoyed it so far. I really like that the team allows me to work in many areas of the business, so it’s been very educational. It has also been challenging because it’s a completely new role, and of course, I am working remotely. But it has been really, really good. It’s been everything that I’ve ever wanted.

A: What’s been the most interesting part of what AxiaOrigin does?
K: Strategy. I got to learn about different strategic techniques, and actually it blew my mind how strategic thinking can really lead you to resolve a problem in a very creative and intelligent way. It’s something I’ve never been familiar with, and it completely blew my mind how strategy can solve problems.

A: Now let’s move onto some quick-fire questions, to get to know you a little better as a person…What would no-one ever guess about you?
K: I used to be very very shy. Extremely shy, where I was afraid to talk to people. So I think if someone met me now, they probably wouldn’t be able to tell.

A: What do you think of our colour – Axia Pink?
Karolina: It’s a happy colour. It’s a girly colour. I like it!

A: We know you love baking… What’s the biggest mess you’ve made in a kitchen?
Karolina: Probably whilst baking a cake, but I’m quite organised actually and I keep my kitchen clean!

A: We were told we should ask you… What’s the silliest way you’ve injured yourself?
Karolina: I walked into a lamppost on the way to a bonfire night party, and I broke my nose.

A: Ouch! Finally, what words would you have for your past self?
Karolina: To always be open to change and to stress less, because everything is going to be put into perspective in the future. So just be open, smile, and everything will work out.

Thank you Karolina – and welcome to the AxiaOrigin family!

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