Now is not the time to ask your colleagues how they feel

7th April 2021

We have had over a year of pandemic; employees have had to adapt to new ways of working and organisations have faced both challenges and opportunities. It has been a year of flux, volatility and uncertainty. And now, we hope, we are on the cusp of recovery.

If, after all that, you are only planning on asking your employees ‘how they feel?’, then you are putting your organisation at risk, and potentially missing phenomenal opportunities to improve productivity and well-being. Now is the time to do more.

Now is the time to take the pulse of the organisation – find out what’s going on for people at this precise moment in time, so that as the year ahead unfolds, your organisation’s culture evolves in the right direction.

Consider for a moment the challenge of returning to whatever awaits your organisation without stopping to truly understand:

  • What’s important to your team right now?
  • What are your employees going through as we transition ‘back’?
  • What do people in your organisation want out of the new abnormal, and how can we move forward together?

Imagine rebuilding teams and organisations without knowing the answers to these questions.

Many leaders are not aware that culture and values can be quantified – yet if you truly understand your employees through their values, you can really begin to appreciate their current needs. By understanding the collective experience of the company culture, you can get a view of where your organisation’s energy is going. By understanding what’s important to your people and their future, you can get a sense of where the organisational culture needs to adapt and change.

We have been carefully advancing our knowledge and expertise in this area. We rely on a precise methodology for cultural assessments – one that is used in over 100 countries to measure and understand culture and values in organisations, teams, communities, schools and even whole nations. Whilst the assessment can be conducted through a simple online tool, we use advanced analytics, dialogue and established frameworks to bring the findings to life.

A window of opportunity is here and there’s no excuse not to take it. Now is not the time to ask people how they feel. We need to ask much deeper questions to quantify what people need and how we can collectively shape our culture. We are passionate about helping organisations understand difficult and complex topics such as this one. Only through tackling these challenges in a robust and evidence-based way can you ensure that your organisation is both prosperous and resilient; and that is what AxiaOrigin’s mission is all about.

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Through additional interventions such as 1-1 interviews, focus groups and analytics, we will provide you with a comprehensive picture of your organisation culture and opportunities to evolve so that your goals can be achieved.

As a qualified practitioner for these Barrett Values Centre – Cultural Transformation Tools, I can tell you that now is a perfect time to use this assessment and take the pulse of your organisation. Furthermore, the creator of the Barrett model – Richard Barrett, for which these globally renowned tools are underpinned, is a strategic partner of AxiaOrigin and will provide additional insights into your assessment.

Pamela Doherty | CEO & Co-founder